The ARM was originally developed at Acorn Computers Limited of Cambridge , England, between 1983 and 1985. It was the first RISC microprocessor developed for commercial use and has some significant differences from subsequent RISC architectures.  In 1990 ARM Limited was established as a separate company specifically to widen the exploitation of ARM technology and it    is established as a market-leader for low-power and cost-sensitive embedded applications. The ARM is supported by a toolkit which includes an instruction set emulator for hardware modelling and software testing and benchmarking, an assembler, C and C++ compilers, a linker and a symbolic debugger.


The 16-bit CISC microprocessors that were available in 1983 were slower than standard memory parts. They also had instructions that took many clock cycles to complete (in some cases, many hundreds of clock cycles), giving them very long interrupt latencies.As a result of these frustrations with the commercial microprocessor offerings, the design of a proprietary microprocessor was considered  and ARM chip was designed.